Genuine Engine Mounts.......Reduced in Price

Genuine Mitsubishi Engine Mounts…

These Mounts are stiff when new and not 14 years old where the centres have delaminated from the steel surrounds

These mounts do not transmit harmful vibration to the car chassis and remove Phantom Knock when pocket logging whilst tuning your engine.

If you are building a tuned engine with larger Turbo’s, talk to me first about engine mounts and which ones to use.

The kit includes the Cambelt side Alloy mount off the MK2 GTO
Please ask before ordering, as there are some cars which cannot use the Alloy MK2 mount and have to have the original steel mount supplied instead.

All four mounts in a kit NOW ONLY £325 + £15 P&P…Save £45.00 on our original price and £100’s on Mitsubishis’s