German vs Jap weekend Aug 25th-26th Ramsey, Cambs

(Jensen Richardson) #1

Not down as a club event but just down the road from me and Mark so going to go and have a look.
Just wondered if anyone else would be interested.
It’s a weekend event but will just be going for the Sunday.

(CDMH) #2

Was thinking about it but now your going I will give it a swerve , besides I’ve all those initiation rituals to finalise for you at JAE :joy:

(Jensen Richardson) #3

We have just spoken to the organisers for this event.
Wanted to make sure we could get a stand rather than park in the car park, as Sat is club day and Sunday is open to public.
Have registered the club for a club stand and the club have recieved 5 free, weekend camping car stand tickets.
They are keen to point out this is a family friendly event packed full of car games and competitions.
They really want to make sure the youngsters are
Involved as well, as they are the future of our clubs.
The free tickets will be offered to full members on first come first served basis.
Please only ask for a ticket if you will use it.
It would be great if we could get a couple of cars to this one.
Could be a good event to add to our yearly events list.
They are also pushing to try and make it a 3 day event in the future.

(Jensen Richardson) #4
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(Jensen Richardson) #5

Have just seen this from the organisers.

Shame as it looked like a great event.

(Jerry Castle) #6

Sorry to read this Jens, shame obviously something bad has taken place, l wish the organisers well.
You would have done us proud.