Get well soon Markie


Just been informed that one of our own is in hospital rather sick, hope all goes well and you’re home soon mate… sending perky hugs @markie1978.



Get well soon mate all the best.


Hope u recover quickly and be back where you belong buddy



Get well soon buddy.

Sending our best wishes.

Steve & Tracie


Get wwll,soon



Get well soon mate , hopefully back on your feet in no time


Get well soon bud, here’s thinking of you.

Terry :sunglasses:


Same here get well soon mate


Speedy recovery mate


Get well soon buddy.



Get well soon! :pray:


Wondered why i had not heard from you

Hope your 100% real quick mate

All the best from the Empire


thanks everyone still not 100% but resting up still and starting to get there a few weeks to go before i can go back to work and hopefully get back to some sort of normallity


Glad to hear your on the mend mate.


I second that @jensenrichardson, good to hear its coming together mate.

Terry :sunglasses::+1:


Get well soon mate hope you are back at full health soon.


Get well soon bud