GI 6 Speed braced bellhousings

shortly i will be offering up for sale 2 or 3 braced bellhousings for the 6 speed.

They will have the Pampenamotorsports brace welded into place by a proffesional welder ( not me :lol: ) and will come with or without a new oem input shaft bearing at the choice of the buyer.

These will be available either on an exchange basis or out right purchase. Price is yet to be determined, these will be available in approx 8 weeks.

Any questions please post up or PM


You know where I am with this. Give us a ring if you need to depending on what shifts your on.

Add me to your list too Paul

These have now been completed.

I was not able to get a good price on the input shaft bearings so they are supplied bare.

£350 each ono inc shipping to mainland UK.

international shipping will be expensive so PM me if interested.

2 Available


I will shortly be able to supply input bearing made for us and these will be an uprated bearing with a better seal inside.

These will be available in the next few weeks and at a much better price than the rip pff price the American sites are offering the very last few original ones for.

This part is no longer available f new from Mitsubishi anywhere in the world.

Cheers Rob