Give away to a good home

Hi All,
I have started removing,
Rear seat frames (the foam rotted away)
Rear seat belts
Rear side trims (that cover the seat belt mounts)
Rear plastics
These are all free to a good home or two
Please message

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Realised not got photo of the rear seat belts or trim I will get one and update

Is it the plastics that the rear seatbelt sits in/ontop ? If so i may have them please

Sorry for the delay yes it is those parts.
I am based in Nuneaton

Close to me then as well

Are you able to post (at my expense), itll take longer and more fuel for me to pick them up !

Hi there I will add another photo this evening for you (of the part)

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Here’s some better photos of the parts

and a few more :slight_smile:

and the rear washer bottle and pump (not tested at present) :slight_smile:

Hi @reece.cambridge
Can you ID the part you are referring to?

This panel, have you got both panels ? And if you dont mind posting then ill have them :+1:

Hi @reece.cambridge

Yes got both :slight_smile:

Can you send me details and I will see what I can do to post them, I may not be able to post till early next week though?

Thats fine, will drop you a message now. Thank you !