Giving it a go

(Jerry Gauci) #1

Hi which one would you recommend for me?
I want to try it!
I smoke about 20 a day roughly someday more and fewer days less.
Just want to cut down on smoking first and see how it goes from there.
Jerry :grinning:

(Jerry Castle) #2

Just stop, its so worth it, though its hard, lot of mind over matter, good luck mate.

(Jerry Gauci) #3

I’d love to…
Problem is I do enjoy smoking which is sad really knowing it’s killing me slowly.
I done 3 months not touching one about 4 years ago that’s the longest I done since the age of 12.
Jerry :grinning:

(Dean Lloyd) #4

I work in this industry,
I’d Start on something simple that will replicate having a cigarette (mouth to lung)
something like the joyetech AIO Kit, or the Aspire Pockex kit.
with them kits a 6mg or 12mg eliquid will be roughly the same hit as a Benson/ Sovereign throat hit.

(Colin Lockyer) #5

Just don’t go for tabbaco flavour… go for something completely different

(Jerry Gauci) #6

Hi @Colin_GTO which one do you have?
Jerry :grinning:

(Colin Lockyer) #7

As in flavour?

(Jerry Gauci) #8

As in the machine you use to burn the vapour?
Jerry :grinning: :grin: :joy:

(Colin Lockyer) #9