God awful, ugly exhaust up for sale

As the title says “god aweful, ugly exhaust up for sale”.


I’m not expecting anyone to want this as I sure as hell don’t, but you never know.

Offers, if any! Haha.


Loving this advert :slight_smile:


Ebay it :slight_smile:

Lol brilliant!!Good lucky with the sale!

I’ll need all the luck I can get!

It’s only redeeming feature is you can cut the square pipes off and weld something else onto it.

One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, hey.

Good luck you deserve to sell it just for your honestly lol.


This glorious item is no longer for sale as it’s so rotten it fell apart as I was taking it off.

Even the down pipe split in half as I was taking it off!


What you replacing it with??

Jay W’s powerflow de-cat exhaust. :wink:

I was gonna use my down pipe but as I was removing the cat it split in half. I’ll post some pics just for s**ts and giggles tomorrow.