Good times Hi all

Hi guys, before i start off i just want to give you guys a big thumps up on the page. I’ve been busy last few days just reading up on all the advice you guys have shared over the last couple years and to have guys like you with the passion for the car and helping others is a good start in my book.
I’ve always loved the 90’s classics, my last project was a 300zx tt JDM which i had for a few years but due to work the car spent most of its time parked on my drive, which i didn’t mind but after spending loads on body work and to find that problems which you thought was rectified was still a big issue and got frustrated and sold it off. The Gto/3000gt was another one of my favorite cars so might be looking a purchasing one soon preferably from a member on this site as I’d know it’s a car which was looked after. Would be a clean car with a few favorite mods done already but if standard i wouldn’t mind either way. I’m away in a few months and should be back in the UK end of March early April which puts me inline with the annual membership which will be stupid not to get. So if anyone on here looking at selling their tt in a few months I’m open.
I Like a 90 or 91 mk1 twin turbo I’ve always liked this year as come mot i didn’t have to worry about cat and emissions to much.
Keep up the good work lads and i should be a regular on here soon :smiley:


Great introduction and Welcome aboard.

You’ve come to the right place and what you have read so far barely touches the surface of the other sections accessible with Full Membership, all the technical sections containing many years of ownership knowledge all in one place.

Glad you’ve found it useful so far though.

Good luck with the trip :+1:

Tracie :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

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Welcome along

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

There a good bunch on here, they’ll keep you right

Hi and welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

Look forward to seeing what you buy , any help just ask away , we are more than willing to cast an eye over a car for you if you find a link to it


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Welcome along, it is good here. :+1:

Terry :sunglasses:

Welcome Lance to GTOUK

Well just a bit over a year and I can now say I’m a proud owner of a 1994 GTO tt. My original plan was to get an earlier 90’s model but was getting harder and harder to find a decent one and with the market value going up, I sort of looked at the benefits of a later model and just feel in love with it.
Will get a few pics up tomorrow as i know the club love pics. Now a full member oh here brace yourselves will be asking loads on here. :grin::grin:
Already got a few mods in mind but not gonna be going to crazy


That’s what we’re here for, everyone runs and hides :joy::joy::joy:

Terry :sunglasses:

Hi Lance,

Welcome to the Club from the members map it says you’re in Andover so down the road from me :joy:


Unlucky Lance :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


:joy: - was watching to see who would be first! You didn’t disappoint Craig @CDMH :joy:

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Always predictable mate and always minus the “pre”and “table” bit :joy::joy::joy:

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Welcome to the club.
How many times have I removed and refitted the air intake :blush:

@James3000GT yeah I’ve seen you a few times, you the reason I got the gto in the first place :joy::joy::joy:. Was gonna get another 300zx but feel in love with the shape when I saw you drove past, think it was quite a while back as well.


Good job you never stopped to chat to @James3000GT otherwise you would never have bought one and most likely moved to another part of the country :joy:




:joy::joy::joy: fair point well made.

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