Great news

Well today I became a Director of my own company. Yes I have registered my own company today (DCP Racing) I am going in to car Servicing and customizing.

I am now just waiting for the keys to my unit etc Insurance is all sorted out and got all my tools and equipment well almost all I still need to get some diagnostics equipment but it really expensive.

I will be opening up in Radcliffe (Manchester) and Will let you all know as soon as am ready to be taking cars on, Even though I think I got a easy one first my good mate is bringing me his Ferrari 360 modena to do first wants a service all fluids etc and prepping for winter storage.

I Must say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Mark and Russ at Sumiyaka for helping me out and putting up with all my phone calls asking were do you get this and that done etc.

Also I am going to need to apply for a trader on here I guess as I cannot be a member anymore any advice on this be great.

Many thanks

Dann :lol: :lol:

Well done to you Dann, and good luck with your enterprise. Keep yer head low at the moment, eh?


good luck on the venture mate :smiley: hope it all works out for you :wink:


Nice one Dan. I hope all goes well with the venture!