Great quote, Admiral, 21, fully comp

I had a Mondeo V6 which used to cost me £727 TPF+T for 10 months, and this was renewed in December. I don’t use the car any more as I’ve been driving the GTO, but as I’m driving the GTO under my mum’s policy, I wanted to see if I could get it in my name only.

Originally I called up to insure a run-about whilst I rebuild my GTO, but whilst on the phone I got this quote for the hell of it:

From now until the middle of October I would have to pay another £427. Alternatively, another £633 to take me to the end of October fully comp!

So, I’m 21, no points, one fault accident about 2 or 3 years ago (Black ice in my RS Turbo) on a GTO (Import) works out at around £1360 for 10 months, car in my name, only me on the policy. I expect the renewal to be about £1200 or £1300 for a year in October. I have 1 years NCB and live in a medium risk area. Car is standard :roll: and has alarm and immobiliser. Tracker not requested.

I think this is excellent! :smiley:

As a side note, we put it in my mum’s name originally because they quoted me £5000 :shock: and were the only people I found to touch a 21 year old on one of these. It was £2000 in mum’s name, now 5 months later it’s about £1500 in my name only. Work that one out. :?

there is a snag tho…
my sister 36 y/o full ncb no accidents with a clean licence insured her pajero 2.8 td for 800 this was also a switch over policy it added 200 to her punto policy to change it, the insurers said it will be cheaper come renewal date. she sold the car becuase the renewal came to £1400.

just dont believe a word insurers tell ya.

In a year’s time I’ll have years NCB, no points, no accident in last 3 years and will have been driving a GTO for a year, so am confident I’ll get the same, if not a better price.

gonna have to look at them - can you get the same quote online as you did over the phone? not 21 till may, and its hard to move the dates of accidents, points and NCB when im on the phone - people ask me if im lying!

didnt think to try these when mine needed renewing, but my insurance dropped a massive 700 quid this year, so either their cheap this year, or ripped me off last year!!