Great quote

Just thought i would let you guys know about a new insurance company called As far as i know i just a recent company part of firebond but was amazed at there quotes!!! So much so i payed there and then

Im 23 with 4 years ncb and 9 points 6 of which are a in10 and 80% of companys just refused point blank to even offer a quote the other 20% were £2650 plus!!! For a 92 gto tt
Then i got quote £1250 fully comp protected no claims by maxinsurance i couldnt belive it out of at least 30 companies i phoned they were £1400 cheaper than anyone else
I actually asked twice if he had my details correct!
And yes i did try all the usual adrian flux, dna, cid, etc

Once i explained i previously owned a highly modded 200sx, a Gen 3 mazda rx7, 93 celica gt4 etc they said they discounted drivers with experiance with high performance cars
So good deal alround well chuffed

Cant recommend enough

There number is 08712262699

WOW :o

24, lowest postcode insurance are, 5yrs ncb, gto tt, cat 1 alarm with 2 immobilisers and a active tracker

£1200 ish with tescos

Not surprised you paid there and then, any idea who it was underwritten by?

Not sure at the moment who underwrite it but i am going to try and find out for future reference.

I also live in i lowish postcode but my points really hike up the quotes
I also have a cheap runaround corsa(i know dont laugh!!) that i wanted insured for work etc
They insured me for £220 with zero no claims on this car and everyone else want £300+ with the 4 years ncb

These guys saved me a fortune and when the 200sx insurance is up ill be using them for a show car policy

now you tell me…just re-done my insurrance!!

You got a 200sx for sale then? or looking to get a GTO?

what kind of company is it? i just sat thru 10 mins fillin out a quote forn and got this messege …

Thank you for using our private car quotation system. We are sorry that we could not be of assistance this time.

??? whats that suppost to mean?

No i bought my gto in november and was waiting till my exsiting policy ran out to give me my 4 years ncb so thats me just getting to runaroud in it just now
My 200sx iv had for 3 and a half years and would never sell it means to much and have spent way to much on it. Last time i counted up the recipts for parts it was in excess of £12k i will never get the money back so why sell it?
It only does about 1000miles a year so doesnt cost nothing to insure and great to runaroud in when im bored

I phoned these guys up and got both my quotes within five minutes so they didnt mess me around in fact i had a good chat with the guy about my previous cars. But i never tried on line so i dont know what there service is like on line

lol i got the same dave…

some insurrance companies do this so you phone through and can laugh down the phone at you for trying to get cheap insurrance…i swear they do :smiley:

Yeah i dont blame ya rich, i would sell it either, you a member of the 200sx UK club then? i know morf of there, me and him used to have Mazda 323`s untill we parted to the dark side, he went with 200sx and me with GTO…lol we are racing at pod on the 23rd :smiley:

The guy told me on the phone that they have to talk to you personally anyway to talk about your previous cars etc like how long you owned etc.

I guess the do that to reduce the premiums for the ones that have always had powerfull cars and are used to the power
Or increse the premiums of the drivers that leap from 1.1 saxos to a 300bhp sports cars

In a way i certainlly makes sense

I tried it a few days ago and got the same message - :evil: :evil:

Severe frustration after teh time taken , they could at least made the page wait to refresh for a while so it looked like theyd thought about it :evil:

Said i wanted cover from when i’m 25 all the spiel and then asked if i wanted to listen to the whole terms and conditions which would last 20 minutes or just the main points??

Duh - yes i enjoy listening to you please continue.

Anyway never got a quote as the car is over 10 years old???