Group Discount or fleet policy?

Has the club ever tried to get some sort of group discount? Tesco, AON, Elephant and recently footmanjames seem to be pretty popular, but it seems they’ll accept some and not others. Just wondered if a company may bend the rules a bit for a larger group of people, who would most likely stay with them as long as they were club members.
Alternatively, what about getting something like a company/fleet policy for the club where all members over 25 (sorry to the younger ones but I’m sure its how they work) can drive any car fully comp? I friend of mine is insured to drive any car fully comp because his friend owns a haulage company, and he is named on the policy. The cost could be made an option when you renew your membership.
I have absolutely no idea if this is a) feasable b)cost effective or c) just way too complicated, and we’d probably have to approach a specialist broker but the benefits may be many.