Gsxr 250

hi rob, not gto questions
do you know were i can get a new or s/hand rotor and cover for a 1988
gsxr 250, rotor part # kokusan gp9135, the only #in the cover is iszz-772.
or one from a different bike that will fit.
i hope you can help.
regards bob.

Hi Bob,

You obviously don’t have any mechanical sympathy in your body to own one of those !!!

I rode one years back and could not believe it needed 8,000 to pull away even… and to red line it in each gear ARGGGGGGGGGG!!!

The bike is a 4 stroke 4 cylinder with a redline at 17000 rpm so the sound it makes when you take off from the lights (not that i ever do that kind of thing) is best described as a beautiful banshee wail much like a F1 engine at full chat

This any Good ??

If not try contacting the people on ebay as they may well have one laying about… If not i can get one new from Japan for you, but you will need to call me with your vin number so i can ask about price and availability

Also here’s a neat Suzuki video i found…

Cheers rob

ROB That last one is the ■■■■■■■■ Best wishes Phillip (Silver Surfer)

Neat video :smiley: