GTO/3000GT Custom Boot Sub Boxes Available Again

After not being able to sell new ones for over 6 years, i am pleased to announce that i am finally in a position to supply these Sub Boxes again and for the basic version at the 6 years ago price still !!

These Sub boxes come as a complete finished item, all you need is a Sub Woofer to install into the Box or this can be supplied and fitted by us if you so wish. We can supply you with a JL Audio 10" or 12" Sub Woofer installed and wired up if you are not a speaker mind minded person.

I will be posting as many pictures of installed versions into this thread as i can find amongst all the pictures i have on my hard drives to show you finished versions installed in peoples cars.

Prices are as follows

Plain Black version £149.95 inc vat
With added Diamond Star Logo £169.95 inc vat
With just a GTO or 3000GT logo £169.95 inc vat
With Diamond star and GTO or 3000GT Logo 189.95 inc vat

Plain Black Version

Black with Red Logo’s

We can also supply different colour combinations, but you will need to chat with us to see if we can still do the combination that you require from the diagram below.

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I can also supply a brilliant Make of Sub woofer if you would like to buy a complete Sub woofer system.

JL Audio is a very respected make and sound brilliant…In fact we can supply any JL Audio you may require… Call me if i can help you… 01702-614469

10" £79.00 300watts

12" £99.00 300watts

Both look as in the picture below

A protective grill is also available

These boxes still available Rob?

They may do in the future, but its not a priority at the moment with so much going on at the moment with development stuff from me.

There is also a massive problem with send them out without getting them damaged to solve