GTO/3000GT Dash Vents - Back in Stock


These vents are discounted to GTOUK and we have secured 10 sets. Although these cannot be classed as genuine (for legal reasons) they were produced on the actual moulds used for Mitsubishi.

@jensenrichardson has already received a set and can vouch for the quality.

The price in the Club Shop includes shipping, £80 per set and £12 postage

In the club shop HERE



Pic for reference.



3 Sets sold, 7 left.



1 Set Left.

We are hoping to have another two sets available in the near future.



Currently Out of Stock.

Will re-visit here when more stock arrives.




We now have 20 sets of these available in the club shop. The first batch were at a reduced price of £70 due to supplier giving something back to the club.

These are Now £80 a set plus £12 p&p