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Hello All,

Just a quick question i was thinking of buying a gto mk1 that a guy is selling for a very cheap price, it has new belt and tensioner and pump etc but he says it runs on 4 cylinders unless you get the coil wire in the right position, i suggested that i could peel back the wiring and fix this issue, is this possible ? or is this a bigger problem.



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Thanks Dave


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If it were me I would ask him to prove that it does run on all 6 by moving the ht lead , if you can actually see that it works then it’s well worth a punt

A decent set of plug leads will cost you just over 100 quid if you wanted coloured , they can be bought cheaper though , too cheap and the quality is horrendous




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I’ve spotted that car too, my question would be this in my head… If it’s simple? fix it and increase the price…no! These cars are extremely complicated.
Good luck Dave


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If he is right and the moving the plug wire solves the problem then worst case you are looking at a set of HT leads (£100 or so), set of Coil packs which can be had from evil rob for around £150 from memory, and a set of spark plugs (£60). So you are not going to get into too much money.

But as Dave says if it was really that simple why wouldn’t the owner do it??