Gto engine change

Hi guys. New to the wonderful world of gto twin turbos. I have a question if I may. I recently bought a beautiful gto twin turbo and after 100 miles the oil pump failed…so…after serious bearing failure I decided to swap the engine and have been having the work done at my local garage. I bought a 1995 engine and I’m using the harness from my 1991 gto. Now, the engine is idling nice after adjusting the tooth out on the timing belt but it hesitates when revving significantly. My question is. Asside from the normal checks such as vacuum pipes etc is there anything that may need to be rewired with the harness for the engine to work correctly with a 1991 maf, ecu etc. I know the cps (plus another sensor) on the harness aren’t needed anymore for the new engine. Hope that makes sense lol

Hi Ben
Sorry to hear about your engine problem. In my experience, I have never seen a oil pump that has just failed out of the blue but I have seen many problems with oil flow due to lack of servicing and blocked oil ways. I personally don’t know the answer to your question given the things you have tried but I was wondering if you want to sell the old engine?