Gto engine replacement

Hi. New here. My automatic gto 1990 cambelt went last night while driving. Can anyone recommend repairs etc
in kent area and approximate cost estimate please. Thanks.

Your best option by far will be Eurospec in guildford. As for costs of repairs if the engine was running then you are almost certainly looking at a new engine. NA engines do go cheap though so don’t let it put you off. Give Eurospec a ring. They will collect your car for £1 a mile +vat (minimum of £85+vat from memory). And get a second hand lump and send it to them. They should be able to quote you for an engine replacement i would have thought. May even be able to source the engine if you ask nicely enough.

Also try West fields. they have done work on my car.

Thanks guys.

Dear all. What is approx cost parts and labour for automatic gto engine rebuild?

What needs doing ? Head gaskets ? Bent valves or damaged pistons too , all depends how bad it is when you crack it open , have a look on the evil empires website and price it up parts wise , go worse case scenario bearings etc all the gasket kits and you should have an indication of the ball park figure for parts .

Personally I would say your not seeing change from 2k once all machining etc has been carried out , worse case scenario obviously

Craig :grinning: