GTO front turning lights

hi guys my GTO still has the yellow/orange turning lights on the front that light up yellow/orange when parking lights are on.

just wondering if anyone can recommend a good way to replace these or maybe how to get LED daytime running lights fitted on the front?

thanks in advance

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Mine has the orange indicator lights. These can be changed for clear ones.
I also have the clear strip on lower bumper. These where an extra. Mine can be turned on alone as running lights, or with the front fog lights, and then with normal lights as well. I think Graham had a set for sale on his site.
Hope this helps.

thanks Jensen

so just to be clear, when you run your main lights the clear strips on the front light up (and the orange ones don’t?)
I am new to this forum please show me the website link so I can check out the lights


Took some pics for you.
First turn on stalk

Then fogs on

Then 2nd turn on stalk

Then pull stalk high beam. Note my fogs turn off.

The orange lights are indicator lights.

I don’t know if this is the correct setup.
This is just how mine are. A more knowledgeable member might be able to give you advice on how they should be. But as far as I know your orange lights should not be on constantly. They are indicator lights.



thanks so much!

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No problem mate.