GTO Group insurance


As the good old annual hunt for car insurance is upon me again, and no doubt like most of you lot, it really pi55e5 me off at how much these lot rip your eyes out year in year out, and people just seem to pluck randomly high figures out of the air as a quote.

Can we not apply to get some sort of GTOUK group deal set up with anyone out there?!?!?

Obviously the likes of MR2s are ten a penny compared to GTOs but there seems to be loadsa people with group deals set up for them…and also for supras.
As a “for example”…Sky Insurance. They not only have these clubs, but also FTO, Celica GT4s and a few others.

Would anything be able to be set up by our GTO club?

I hope so! As that would be a great idea, and a good cost saving for all / or most.



Im on friendly terms with my insurance guy (but never met him, lol :roll: ) Could have a word if you want? In the past i have been refused insurance due to engine mods etc, but marcus has always sorted me out. Just like with my supra now :smiley:
He is a sound guy & understands us car fanatics, infact he is actually thinking of a GTO himself for fun. hmmm who gave him that idea???
But he is one of the lucky $ods that used to drag race at the pod :wink:


If you can sort out a discount for my car that’d be great …

Make sure they insure it with unlimited modifications tho … I usually need to be referred when I spil the beans on the spec…


ermmmm… ive had that type before :wink:
and only had 2yrs no claims as drove company cars?

whats init for me :roll:

ive had a word with him & he already does a few group clubs. Celica’s etc.

So how do we get the ball rolling!!!
thats if you would like help :roll:


Nice one!

This has been suggested loads of times before - be cool if something could get sorted! Committee members???


It sounds very good to me! Anything that can be done as even a 10% group discount would help.

Prob the commitee memebrs would have to get involved i guess.

As mentioned tho, they would need to allow 5 / 10 / 20 or unlimited mods (half a dozen would do for me) Jap imports, under 30, maybe not so strict on having a tracker fitted. Then we are in the zone! Or atleast i would be! :lol:

18days before renewal…

speed is of the essence people. :shock:


…Can you post for me. also if anyone want this offer to pm me. (i can still pm people & recieve them)
It is ok with regards the mods etc, & has been - trackers not always needed.
So how or what do i need to do.


As regards what you do now, Im not really sure!


I have done all this earler in the year.

I aranged a group scheme direct with a Lloyds underwriter. He guaranteed that members would not find cheaper insurance.

I told the committee and no one was intrested. I never heard anything back. So the whole thing got droped


That is a shame!!! :cry:


[quote]I have done all this earler in the year.

I aranged a group scheme direct with a Lloyds underwriter. He guaranteed that members would not find cheaper insurance.

I told the committee and no one was intrested. I never heard anything back. So the whole thing got droped


Thats criminal!!! How about circumventing the committee and just offering it out there to the general membership? What were the drawbacks to this scheme ? Were there any legal issues?

Would someone from the committe please comment on this?

We have enquired about this as a club on several occasions and were always rebuked by the insurance companies due to the age limits, modifications etc.
It’s not for lack of wanting or effort. I guess that we just left it until companies deemed it right to change their minds. There is absolutely nothing to stop anyone organising this on behalf of the club.
The way you write this is as if the committee does sod all for the club.
Unfortunately we do not have the time to do everything.
If it can now be arranged, excellent, but please understand that if it is a club discount scheme, there may be limitations and if it is based upon the integrity of the club, the committee would need to see the proposal and see how it would affect the club with regards to claims etc.
Basically, if it uses our name, we need to see where we stand legally.

Mark. :slight_smile:

The insurance I was offered was.

It would be a club/group scheme. If the committee wanted thay could even have a commision paid to the club for every policy that was taken out. I was told that underriters could assess the risk of the group and factor in that we were enthuasts and as such cared about or cars more that the adverage person he could get us a great deal. The underwriter said that all he would need was some details about the club

!: How many members did GTOUK have

2: Ages as in how many 21 year olds how many 22s etc etc.

3: what kind of mods did the cars have? From std to the wildest

4: The % range of NCD

I needed the info above and the committee to deal direct with the underwriter as it would be using the GTOUK name.

I spoke to Rob GSXR KID about this at the Essex meet. He was very enthuiastic about the whole thing and said he would bring it up at the next committee meeting. Later Rob told me he had told the committee and some one would contact me. no one did.

If I could have done this on my own I certianly would have done so.

If the committee is still intrested I will talk to the underwriter again?(although he was pissed of at doing quite a bit of work phoning around to see if he could do it and then nothing happening)


Sounds like a great idea too me and would be beneficial for all members.


id be intersted in this as mine is due in 8 weeks, was 1200 pounds last year. got quote from diffrent company this year with body kit, 20" wheels and exsaust. came in at 950 fully comp. which is good but cheaper the better.


Only 2wks to go now before mine is up, and im still ringing about to try and find the best deal. No doubt this group insurance, if and when it is sorted, will be after my renewal date has been and gone. oh well, theres always next year!! :x :wink:


I put this link in the other thread running similar to this one:
You’ve nothing to lose in getting a quote, Dave.

Noted, cheers. I did try them previously, £200+ on my actual renewal in the end. Hopefully a top group deal will be sorted for next year for me to take advantage of.