GTO Help please!


Hi All, I have 1993 GTO TT. The issue so have is when the Mass Airflow Sensor is plugged in. The engine surges then dies after a few seconds. If I unplug the MAS the car rubs albeit roughly. If I remove the MAS from the pipework it will run even when plugged in but if I get even close to the pipework the car shuts down again. I have changed the intercoolers and ALL the pipework. Also the ECU has been changed and the original Recapped. Can anyone please help as I am at my wits end. Many thanks, Eugene


Hello Eugene and Welcome to GTOUK , some of the members have had the same or similar problem so here is a lot of knowledge about the issue but the Newbie section is not for technical discussions :grinning:
About the Newbie category Also upload lots of pictures of the car :wink: Cheers


Welcome along as @spiros says please introduce yourself we’re a freindly bunch other than demanding PICTURES!!!