Gto illuminated side sails in red

Selling my side sails (GTO in red)
Fully working and have both ballast included
Looking for £100.
Small crack in one but not really any issue.
See photos attached.
Thought would advertise here first if no interest will post on ebay.


If you’re desperate to get rid of them, I’ll look after then until someone else wants a set. But I want to make my intention clear is to buy and sell on later.

Hi there I am new to the gto club I would like to buy them how do I go about payment I live in Edinburgh cheers Tony

Here is the other set just sold on ebay

Now listed on ebay
262023757886 item number to type in search box

Mitsubishi only ever supplied these in green and they were never supplied in Red and only also only come with one Inverter too for both panels in case you think you are buying Genuine Original items.

So these are modified and repaired dead Panels, just so you guys know

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As previously discussed with yourself and others in an earlier topic nobody is trying to mislead anybody.
I asked about them being red and yeah you said not produced oem but in the same breath they are real and they are red and they are working.
If you had a headlight and the bulb had blown would changing the bulb make it modified and a dead headlight !!!

My post wasn’t in anyway meant to discourage you or any one else from posting or saying what you put was wrong.

This site has a lot of people who are rebuilding cars to a very high Original standard, even if they don’t post they are and i get questions all the time here at work about what is genuine and what has been played with and made unoriginal and what was Genuinely fitted by the factory.

It was a post merely pointing this fact out and was not in anyway saying that you had done anything wrong, because as far as i am concerned you have not.

Regards Rob

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back on topic @reddwarf, are these still for sale?

My apologies to rob for my misinterpretation of his post.
I’ll not be removing my evil empire front advert now lol

Sails were sold early hours this morning to a potential new member to the club.