GTO is the way to go

Hello, My name is Johnathan, I just became the proud owner of a 93 mk 1 TT GTO. I got it cheap but it came with its own price, one of the turbo whines and hesitates at mid boost conditions, and smokes on fast idle :S, and there is fine bits of metal in the oil ! Since I have never owned a turbo before I was wondering if anybody could help me out with their experience. I plan to become a full member of this site but at the moment my energies are focused on getting prices for parts. I think also the Manual box is not as nice as I thought it was on the test drive. Sometimes 1-2nd and 3rd-4th can be a bit crunchy. Suspect synchro-mesh. So I was wonder how I could find out if I have an 18 or 25 spline box. I’m not afraid of a spanner and can do some works myself having spent the last 13 years since I past my test tinkering. I’m prepaid to pay money into the GTO pit as they are just awesome cars that I’ve always liked. I’m a little bit miffed that I bought one in need of, potentially some expensive overhauls. But for 85k miles and good body throughout and immaculate interior for 2k cash I’m quite happy. I have change so there is money to burn on overhauls, but as I am totally new to these cars and it could cost me a shed load I would be eternally grateful for any of the wise, experienced GTO owners to impart with some car saving knowledge. Thanks a bunch.

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If there is metal in the oil then chances are it is coming from the bottom end. And all of that metal will be through all the oil channels and the oil cooler. So if you want to save the engine you are looking at a full rebuild with a very thorough flush of the oil channels and a new oil cooler and lines. Otherwise the better option is to look for a good second hand replacement engine (and gearbox if you think it is needed).

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Hi and welcome, sorry to say this but what Max said is about right

Sorry bud but the metal in the oil is not a good sign, your oil filter is not stopping the bits from circulating around a fragile engine, I say fragile as when shards of metal start infecting the engine there is not much chance of succeeding with it :worried:

These come with their own warnings, buy a turkey and Christmas becomes expensive :sweat_smile:

Terry :sunglasses:

Are they shards of Metal or micro particles suspended in the oil ???

micro particles in the oil, not chunks like a bottom end. also the engine sounds nice, bar the turbo (s) which is pretty rough. Its also interesting to point out that I drained the oil out and put fresh oil in, I didn’t change the filter at this point, I am planning to do another oil change after I fit new turbos. So far after several checks there isn’t any sign of at least what I think looks like metal particles in the oil. Another question I have is, can these engines have engine flush run through them ? For my old v6 mazda mx-6 it was recommended. But I am unsure about engine flush / fast idle and the resulting thinning of the oil from the flush with a turbo’d engine.

I personally would not use a flush on these engines, they blow up by them selves as it is !!!


Ok thanks for the info. Interestingly while investigating I have found a video on you tube that can give you a look at the exact same of colouring I found to my oil when I drained it.
At 1.06 in the oil pan shines in the sun, as you can see its a golden sort of colour. 1 of the guy that comments suggests its carbon deposits and not metal, due to a long overdue oil change. Any thoughts on what you can see in the video ? Thanks - John

Welcome to GTOUK,

Good luck with it matey.


thanks gonna need it I suspect.

Hi Jonathan

My car struggles from 1st to 2nd and has for a while, and although I have the 6-speed I don’t think either manual is particularly quick/easy changes it’s a GT after all. Mine seems to get better once it has warmed up. Does yours change once it’s up to temp or difficult regardless?

But if the fluids are looking old you cant do much worse than a complete service / fluid change and then see what happens. Did you do that when you got the car, but then the oil went this way? I take my car to Ben at Eurospec and he has a lot of experience with our cars if you feel you aren’t up to tinkering with turbos. Personally turbos scare me and that’s why I love them! :slight_smile: Mk1 5 speed should be 18 spline I think, Im sure someone else can help confirm.

Is your car modified e.g. any chance your boost isn’t standard then the turbos may have been worked hard? You could get the turbo’s checked to see if they are picking up boost equally and if one is on the way out best to replace it before it goes bang im guessing? Regular oil changes and a quality feed of oil (amount / temperature / pressure) to the turbos is of course vital.

Oh and welcome btw. :smile:

Hello, thanks for the welcome. Its the synchro’s for sure, they don’t like being changed quickly, if I delay slotting it into gear between changes its not too bad. But abit too excessive for my liking. Will try and find a gto breaking a good 6 speed and convert it at a later stage. Right now I’m more worried about the condition of my engine. I’ve good new 13g turbos to fit thanks to Rob at evil empire. And much advice also. So I will fit these turbos and keep changing my oil to see if any part of the turbo’s was some how wearing into the oil. My bottom end sounds great, the engine rev’s nice. but the turbo on the rear bank of cylinders definitely sounds F**ked. So Hopefully after a strip down and new turbo’s and fluids things will be better. I will also send my oil away for analysis to get a better picture. The car doesn’t appear to have been modified except the air filter unless somebody removed all mods first. I the impress that I’ve bought a thrashed gto. Despite my woes about the engine and gearbox, the car body and interior and pretty close to perfect. So I guess this is going to be a work in progress. As soon as its working and I am happy for the moment I will know more. Thanks

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Welcome to GTOUK, good luck with the car. There are gearboxes about so hopefully you will find a good one without too much trouble.


No I think there was a 25 spline version of the 5 speed. Not sure of an easy way to tell the difference. Someone will tell you in a minute.

There is a 25 spline 5 speed and it was fitted to the 93 tt so its worth checking.


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Interesting…! Out of curiosity I counted the splines on my old clutch plate the other day and there is indeed 25… Thing is mines a 1991 mk1…:dizzy_face: do you think this is not the original box then mate…?

stripping down my engine today to replace the turbo’s. I noticed my gearbox looks like it may have been replaced with a 2nd hand box. Has GTO and GTTi written in tipex. Gearbox is ok, I drove today before beginning the process of major pipe removal, as long I’m easy with the gear change from 3-4th it doesn’t crunch. So I’m at peace with the crunchy transmission at least for a while. I would be interested if a member has a 6 speed and relevant components for conversion. But at this junction of my gto life, having bought a thrashed one, I am still on the edge about whether I need a rebuild or a new engine. I will know more as the weeks progress and I can get it apart. I will try and note down my gearbox serial number also. my gto is a December 93 mk1. So I’m told its actually a mk2 with pop up lights.

I would test drive a six speed first, its not everyones cup of tea. Just be sure before you take on the project. Rebuild are good for piece of mind, but an engine swap can work out cheaper if you know you are buying a good working engine.


Agreed, that’s probably the better thing to do. Also I am looking at replacement engines just in case. I am very new to gto ownership, so bear with me. thanks for all the messages thus far. :slight_smile:

Last time I saw micro particles of metal in oil was a transit engined Citroen, turbo shat itself and the particles were from the brass bearing. My mk1 TT also crunches and locks me out of 3/4 seems to be a common issue… it’s fine cold ( cheapest synchro/bearing/seal kit I found was from the states equating roughly £400 :fearful:) . But difficult to change when warm. Good luck with the project and a very merry welcome to the club! I was gonna tag Rob about your need of turbos but I see he’s already sorted you out :grin: