GTO Leather front seats ( Now reduced ) SOLD SOLD SOLD!

As per title, Black leather front seats, Slight wear to drivers bolster + a small tear as is commensurate with being 20 years old, Only selling cos i now have the Cobra seats installed :smiley: £50, Collection only.


can i have first dibs on these
how bad is the tear ?
can i come and have a look at them?

Sorry Phil I did not see your reply, the tear is round & about the same size as a 5p piece, come and have a look with no obligation to buy with pleasure, weekends are best for me as I never know when I am going to be at home during the week ( bloody lorry driving) 07967823611


ill give you a ring later this week

Hi are these seats sold?

These are still available :smiley: 07967823611 if its any easier.


Cool I have them. Do you have any other black parts from the same interior.

Meant to ask are they electric?

They are electric lumbar support etc but not electric to & fro ( hence only £50 ) :roll:

I have a couple of boot trim panels that you can have with them for free.


Is there anyway to retro fit the seats I have to run full electrics on your leather seats.

Not sure i understand the question, what car are you fitting them on, if its a gto, you simply just dont plug in the electric seat bit :roll:


Stupid spell checker changed what I wrote. What I meant was can i take the electric runner of my gto import seat and fit it to your seats so I have full electric. It’s not a problem if I can’t.

Sorry i really don’t know the answer :smiley:


Yes you can

That would be cool mod to do. Do want them just a bit skint as i have not worked in a couple weeks due to my van crash. Would also want change out the rears as well.