Gto spotting in Lihuania


Well it was a 3000gt, l presume, left ■■■■■■ n/a auto but still suprised to see it here in Vilnius Lithuania on my hollys.
Wish l had a leaflet with me, where is Terry (Gto Abductor) when you need him ? Lol


Did not realise h…k…r would be blocked !!!


Is prostitute allowed ? So you can have a left handed pro :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


It’s probably the only one there and is unique… So you should buy it @jerry_SC
Than there be none left :joy:
Jerry :grinning:



Now that made me laugh…Brilliant


Made me laugh as well, but it was good to see, not great condition and had been changed a bit from original and it needed some of Colin,s headlights.