Gto stalling trouble

(Alexander McConnell) #1

Hi guys, I’ve a 1991 gto and I’ve been having trouble starting it although always starts and it’s randomly stalling under braking at road ends.
Any help or advice would be appreciated.

(Jerry Gauci) #2

Check the idle control valve on the throttle body.
Due to age and grime might be at fault.
Jerry :grinning:

(Spiros Kapadohas) #3

Welcome to GTOUK :+1:

(A Stevenson) #4

Hi bud, welcome to the club.

Good idea to introduce yourself in this category with some pics too :hugs:.

If you subscribe to full membership you might find your answer under the technical section that’s only available to full members.

I personally have found it quite informative and at times useful.

I agree with Jerry that’s the first area to check however.


(Alexander McConnell) #5

Hi, sorry, bit of a cave man when it comes to this internet thing lol I’ll try to put out a few pics, she’s a 1991 na, haven’t had her long and it’s my first gto so I could be on here quite a bit!

(Alec Shewan) #6

nice car
you wouldnt be the only one on loads :stuck_out_tongue:
worth getting a full membership so can read all the info will take you yrs to read everything theres so much to go through :slight_smile:

(Neil Pountney) #7

That’s a tidy looking car!

My TT stalls once its hot, hoping it’s the ICV. Will find out soon!

(Max Bradley) #8

Idle control valve is defintely a possibility. But also worth checking the dash pot. It is a small round thing connected to the arm of the throttle body. (or not connected but the throttle arm rests on it. It dampens the throttle closing when you take your foot off it. with the engine off open the throttle from the engine and then let go. the dash pot should catch it and slowly close it.