Gto starter motor SOLD


Just found this in the shed… must me nearly clear of it all ffs :joy:

Good working order part number md3094/72. M001t78981 from a 96 car.
Changed it by mistake and wasn’t the problem… click click ignition was the issue.

£35 delivered UK only


Bump now £20.91 plus delivery :+1:


How about £20.90 ? :joy:


You want it £20.90 is fine, pm me @reece.cambridge


Oh! c’mon @reece.cambridge, that extra penny was for the Porsche Owners Club membership :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Porsche Boy I am not, cars are a get out clause for what frankly most people would break under the pressure, we all have our daily fights but mine seem to go on forever… the Porsche will be short lived as they all have in the past…

I have absolutely no forward plans in my life, tongues can wag away, I have no intention of joining a Porsche club or any others! What those of you are who are my “friends” on Facebook are able to see is my daily life… don’t wanna see it, turn me off simples (but I blocked most already)

As above, previously said… Happy to leave if that’s what is required


It was a joke mate, everyone gets it when they stay in our fold :slight_smile:



This has 8 splines @reece.cambridge has first dibs.


Sold to fluffy

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