GTO TT Breaking for spares

Beyond putting back on the road so @LukeGTO is breaking this, please pm him for part’s.
Thanks Dave.


Could do with the door moulding that goes down the drivers side a pillar fella , the external piece

Craig :sunglasses:

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Dibs on complete throttle body assuming in full working order,dimmer switch if clips not broken.

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I will check the condition of the door moulding for you tomorrow


I can only assume the throttle body is in working condition, I will clean it up and try it on my running gto first, I will check the dimmer switch tomorrow too

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The dimmer switch is in one piece​, well till you touch it :joy:


Depending on the price I might have dibs on the boot lid if it’s in good condition (and fits a mk2) and the front chassis members if they are straight.

Might have to wait till next month to pay though :frowning:

Cheers mate :sunglasses:
Most important is the idle control valve that works and throttle position sensor.
Also is the gearbox 25 spline?if yes what’s the condition of it?

Climate control unit working ?

I will remove the climate control and try in my gto to see if it’s working ok


Removed and in one piece ( i removed it lol )


Is the CAS unit still on the engine ??

If so, i will take that

Cheers Rob

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Yes the CAS is still on the engine, will remove it this evening/tomorrow. Not entirely sure how much they are worth so open to offers :slight_smile:

Payment sent cheers @LukeGTO

Ooh look :dizzy_face:

Now there’s a rare sight, just need a little paint :heartbeat:


As I said on fookbook it’s the proverbial rocking horse ■■■ .

Get new weather strips in otherwise they will soon be scratched

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I meant the strips lol in one piece, from what i can see on these​ Windows it is the internal door glass holders that’s damaged theses Windows, are you still drunk @CDMH :joy:

Probably lol :joy:

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Condition of bonnet please? And where are you?

Condition of bonnet looks ok just needs a good clean! I’m located in Norwich