GTO TT For sale

After my father passed away in July, I was left in charge of getting his gto up together and ready for selling.

New MOT today, with 2 front tyres as the only advisories.

I know its a difficult market at the moment, but I’m going to start at £2500, but obviously will be open to offers.

Looks tidy fella 8)

Might be worth putting a brief description up too ,

Good luck with the sale , hope you get what you want for it 8)

Craig :slight_smile:

Ive got to pick up the paperwork tomorrow so, once I know all the details I will get it updated. Ive got no idea what the right money is these days so any idea of value would be a help!

Depends how desperate you are for a sale , 1.5k it will fly from your hands but i think a well looked after standardish model with history thats honest should be worth at LEAST £2.5k all day long .

Thats my thoughts though , we need to get away from the breaker mentality , if they are worth more in bits then we as a community are selling too cheap

Craig :slight_smile:

Picked the paperwork up today, and to be honset, there is not alot thats very exciting! A pile of mot’s and old insurance docs. Have got an invoice for clutch and gearbox rebuild, dump valve, polished y pipe and toad alarm.
So all in all pretty standard, I have just been back to check the car at the garage and I have realised that the pics make the car look very dull, it is not!! The Red is extremely vibrant and its just my camera that is crap!!

Will take 2k, would like to see it gone before xmas!

This still around, if so pm your number

Yes mate, still around. Pm on its way!

Still available!

i got 1500 ready, prob too cheap, if you still got after xmas i will have the money :smiley:

Thanks for the offer, but way too cheap! I’m in no hurry to drop the price now, I shall hang on for the right money.

Don’t rush, even if you desperate for money, car is worth money

If I had the space I’d keep it for myself, but with my blue gto, legnum vr4, 2 work vans and the wifes focus, I dont have a lot of space! Very fortunate that my local garage is taking care of it for me.

I need this gone now, open to offers.

£1500, will be going on evilbay at the weekend.

hi mate got the money heres my number if u still have it for sale 07427139875 paul

hi mate i have the cash if u still have it for sale heres my number 07427139875 many thanks paul

This sold?

Hi mate, just wondering has this already sold?

Is it SFS ?