GTO TT for sale

I’m not sure this post should be in the “for sale” section, as I’m not sure what to do at the moment, but I thought I’d stick it here and see if there is any interest.
I’ve had my GTO TT for ten or eleven years now, and just got it out of hibernation today to discover it has a missfire above 3000-4000 rpm. It did the same thing two years ago, and it proved to be a duff battery.
When asked, “Why does a 60+ old codger want a car like a GTO for?” I’ve always said I intend to be buried in it, but I’m feeling so despondent now it might be time to end my boy racer days, particularly as I now have a classic VW camper that is in need of a respray and a massive injection of funds.
Anyway, my cosseted GTO, which has lived in a heated aircon garage all it’s life with me and only asked to do around 800 miles every summer is once again demanding attention that I’m not sure I have the willpower, or the resources, to tackle. It’s got a professionally fitted full leather white & black interior, tein springs and adjustable shockers, all as new plus a nice reg. no. C6GTO.
Anyone interested in making me an offer, even a (not too) silly one for spares? Body/engine are fine, MOT’d for another 6 weeks (no advisories last time), taxed, and could be a snip for anyone more skilled than me in tracing the problem. It is driveable as long as it’s kept below 3000-4000 rpm.
I can email more pictures if there is any interest, but am not prepared to break.%between%

From what i have seen and heard from my customers that should be around £3500 with it running properly.

I have a few who have paid £4500+ for a mint MK1

And from what you have said it should be a easy fix too

Decent cars ARE going UP in price an not down.

Don’t undersell it if you do John

Cheers Rob

Thanks Rob, maybe it’s a simple fix. I had a missfire problem with it a over a decade ago which was a nightmare. It took me two years to get it finally sorted which required a long drive to Sumiyaki in Cornwall after three or four local garages all failed to fix it. I doubt the current missfire is the same because Sumiyaki identified the fault as bad engine loom plugs and replaced them, but even so, a recurrence of this is probably my worst nightmare come true, hence my inclination to cut and run.

if your interested in selling the reg alone I may be interested :wink:


Pete, thanks for the interest, but sorry, I’ll only sell the reg. No. if I sell the car.

I’ve just bought C7 GTO :lol: :bandance:

Have you tried pulling the fault codes mate. If you aint got a data logger I have one you could use.
Or I have it for a £1000 and have a go myself.

cantfindthegenepool, buy my C6 reg. and it could get you started on a gto collection, you’ll just need C1-C5 then. I remember when I was a kid my local Tory MP, Sir Gerald Nabarro owned NAB 1, NAB 2, NAB 3 etc.

Rob, I just might hold you to that offer, but now in the cold light of a new day, I might explore a few more options than just selling up. I have a data logger so I might try that approach although it’s a bugger to set up because I have to put new batteries in my (faulty) logger and download all the software every time I use it, and when the car had it’s missfire last time it didn’t throw up any error codes anyway.

This time round you may get a code with a bit of luck, could be as simple as something breaking down at higher revs like plugs, leads, coil, ptu or blocked fuel filter(when was this changed last), good luck with it. If you decide to keep the car and fancy a logger upgrade I have a palm m515 (colour screen) with new battery, memory card(with the programme loaded on it) so never needs connecting to a laptop for £40.00 posted.
My other offers still stand.

[quote=“John East”]cantfindthegenepool, buy my C6 reg. and it could get you started on a gto collection, you’ll just need C1-C5 then. I remember when I was a kid my local Tory MP, Sir Gerald Nabarro owned NAB 1, NAB 2, NAB 3 etc.

Hi John,
Old Sir Gerald lived in a massive house in Broadway Worc’s when I was a kid. The times spent during bob-a-job week cleaning his cars. And that moustache, put the pilots of the RAF to shame. :lol: :lol:
GLW sorting your car out,

Terry 8)[/quote]

Good points Rob. I was lying in bed last night and a blocked fuel filter occurred to me too, particularly as the engine ran as smooth as anything at low revs yesterday, I could have driven around all day at 2500rpm and not realised there was a problem, but after driving at 3000-4000rpm with the missfire it stalled a couple of times when I took my foot off the accelerator and dipped the clutch. I don’t know when the fuel filter was last changed so I’ll look into this.

just-cool, Broadway brings back many happy memories. I was addicted to Fish Hill, and must have raced up it at least 50 times. Of course, like most of the old roads it’s been ruined now, in this case by the Broadway bypass.

You’re not wrong there John. The accidents that happened on that hill when we were kids with trucks falling over and their loads spilling. We were there with our trollies/go carts made from old pram wheels with boxes on the back scavenging as much as possible!!! :shock: :shock:
Remember once a Cadbury lorry fell over and deposited hazel nuts all down the hill, we were eating hazel nuts for a good six months from that one. :lol: :lol: :lol:
The things we remember eh!
Rita Fairclough!? lives in one of the houses half way up the hill. Don’t know her real name :lol: :lol:
Being born there I have seen many changes, the bypass was a result of two trucks at around 4.30 in the morning colliding head on and killing both drivers. Things had to change!!!

Terry 8)

Car now sold

Club member bought it ?

I hope you got a good price for it John.

In answer to the question, “Club member bought it?” not sure, but I think if he isn’t he’ll probably join.

Not yet, but will be mailing form in shortly… :slight_smile:

Welcome to GTOUK Ted

that is a longstanding well known car within the club , good to see you posting on here


Craig :slight_smile:


Not yet, but will be mailing form in shortly… :)[/quote]

Good stuff ted :drive: