GTO Twin

Hi guys i can get it for £150 full comp with my 21 year old son added its £679 do you think i could do any better with specialist companies ? just wondering cant be bothered to go through all the phone up ones…

For me alone fully comp (cheaper than 3rd party or F/T) is 1500 at 29 and 5 points :joy:

Markerstudy, have 3 points and 1 claim and 4 years no claims. Fully comp 379 a year. Not declared any mods thoe, would prob not get insured lmao

Doh ! yep cheap for me its son,s car anyway he don,t mind paying difference,just wants to drive it occasionally…

Insurance :roll_eyes: never straightforward You just have to keep shopping around and pray to be Your lucky day am afraid !

Just got my renewal £250.44


£183 from Privilege, but I am old!


I think that given your son is 21 that’s cheap… I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse… in the £1000s
Try rh or Adrian flux but doubt you will beat it.

Ye i thought so too just went to comparison sites dont think ill bother with anything else.cheers

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Oh I get it, been wondering for ages, why show a dented car, then it hit me, INSURANCE. Oh fek, why isn’t my head switched on, doh!!! Talk about a fekkin snail, moves faster than my car :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Hi all, what a difference got a quote from AF through confused £427, went onto CTM and got quoted £206 fully comp wih no claims as 2nd car which will be used in the summer only. Getting there with her, mot this month then up to painters. Wheels back from power coat and diamond cut, hopefully seats back from upholsterer next week.


For the Younger boys over 50’S … after 3 Years on classic policy with RH I’ve renewed with SAGA ( normal policy ) fully comp max NCB G41 post code £ 173 !