GTO UK - Insurance Scheme with Adrian Flux : 0800 089 035

Mitsubishi GTO UK Owners Club - Insurance Scheme with Adrian Flux – Tel: 0800 089 0035.

Adrian Flux Insurance Services are pleased to have the opportunity to serve the Mitsubishi GTO UK / 3000 GT Owners Club and provide its members with competitive and bespoke policies for their Mitsubishi’s and any other vehicle they may own.

As one of the UK’s most respected specialist insurance intermediaries we have a panel of insurers who we will use to find members the most appropriate policy – with of course a club discount.

All this is possible, because we know that Mitsubishi GTO UK / 3000 GT Owners Club members are enthusiasts of the GTO marque, who have the experience of handling these performance vehicles and are much less likely to make a claim than the average driver, and so we’ve been able to create special schemes that reward safe drivers like you.

Get cheaper Mitsubishi GTO / 3000 GT Insurance from Adrian Flux.


We have a panel of insurers who are able to provide GTO UK ■■ members the following benefits:

• Instant quotations and cover
• Non-standard risks accepted, including:-
• High risk areas
• Unusual occupations
• Convictions
• Track day cover (please specify if required – not available with every policy)
• Laid up/Transit/In construction cover available
• Maximum introductory no claims bonus
• Full Breakdown and Recovery from £54.00 (optional)
• Protected NCB available
• Driving of other cars cover available (differs from insurer-to-insurer, our staff will advise)
• European Green Card Cover
• Agreed value cover available – typically for vehicles over 10 years old - (Please ask if the policy provides this at quotation).

Discounts are available for

• Security Precautions
• Experience of driving your Mitsubishi GTO
• Low mileage
• Restricted driving
• Advanced Driving qualifications
• Discounts for other cars owned and Household Insurance.


To take advantage of the club insurance scheme call the dedicated Club quotation line at Adrian Flux on 0800 089 0035 for your quotation. Lines are open 9.00 am to 7.00 pm Monday to Friday. 9.00am – 4.00pm Saturday.


Please complete the following online quotation form and we will return to you with a quotation:-


In most instances we will require the completion of our Agreed Valuation form. This form must be completed, signed where indicated and sent, together with 6 photographs.

These need to consist of photographs of your vehicle taken showing the front, back, each side, engine bay and interior, with one including the registration number.

We require remittance of £15, payable to Adrian Flux Insurance Services to be sent along with the other info to:

Agreed Valuations, Adrian Flux Insurance Services, East Winch Hall, East Winch, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1HN


There is a specific area on the discussion forum for general questions about insuring Mitsubishi’s. Adrian Flux Insurance Services will be on hand to answer any questions posted. We have a member of staff – Dan@AdrianFlux who will monitor the forum and offer general advice where requested.

Hi everyone.

This is just a short introduction, I’m Dan and I’ve worked for Adrian Flux Insurance for nearly 25 years.

If any of you on here have any general insurance queries or specific problems with Adrian Flux insurance please let me know. I have handpicked a small but dedicated team of staff who with me will try and assist you wherever possible. I can assure you we will be completely impartial despite being on the payroll of Adrian Flux. If we have messed-up we will acknowledge that and make efforts to get it corrected. If any of you do not understand an insurer’s viewpoint we will do our best to clearly explain it.

It could be problems ranging from simple paperwork issues to major claim disputes. With our many years of experience we should be able to answer most queries immediately. If there were issues or a problem that we can’t answer directly we would ensure that a relevant manager investigates these and we would then be able to relay an answer back.

I hope this will be of some help for you.

On behalf of myself and my team, thanks very much.


Adrian Flux Insurance Services

OK then Dan,
Why, when I get a renewal quote from yourselves, I look around and find it cheaper, ring you as you say ‘we’ll beat any cheaper quote’, you give me a cheaper quote than I’ve found. Why can’t you give a competitive quote from the off so that I didn’t have to waste my time checking around with other companies?
I know that there are a limited number of Insurers that do classic car Insurance but for people with limited time on their hands it’s a pain in the 'Arris!!!

Terry 8)

Hi Terry,

Thanks for your reply.

As an insurance broker, we are an intermediary - We work on behalf of over 40 insurance underwriters. So, when you insure with a company, after the policy has run for the year we calculate a renewal. If you come back to us with a more competitive price we can then refer on to our panel of underwriters to try and compete. They obviously won’t lower a price dramatically without referral - as on many occasions the renewal price is the most competitive a client has.

I hope that helps?


Dan :slight_smile:

Hi Dan,

I have just bought a GTO (my first one) which I don’t collect yet until a few bits are done on it. I also have a vauxhall astra which I plan to keep too. I had a quote from Adrian Flux last week for £695 which would be parked at my address on the street. I now have use of a garage at my boyfriends but my quote stays the same. I have heard a lot of people get cheap classic insurance on these cars but geing garaged doesn’t seem to get the quote any lower. Any ideas how to get it down to what others seem to pay?

Hi Ali,

If you would be so kind as to PM me your details, I can take a look at the quote to see if we can do anything else to help.


Hi Dan,

Might be a bit late in asking but am going out of country this Friday for 9 days.

  1. Do i need a European Green card cover or will my insurance be suffice?

  2. Will my breakdown cover, cover me while am away?

Many thanks


Hi Dave,

I’ll send you a PM.



Any chance you can do better with my renewal quote of 533.47. Or I’m off :slight_smile:
Customer reference 07596435

Cheers Steve


Any chance you can do better with my renewal quote of 533.47. Or I’m off :slight_smile:
Customer reference 07596435

Cheers Steve[/quote]

Hi Steve,

I’ll take a look at this for you now.


Thank you, reduced by £130!

Just got insured with these guys, great price and very easy to deal with.


[quote]Just got insured with these guys, great price and very easy to deal with.


Glad we could help out and thanks for the positive comments.