GTO up and running

After 8 years sitting in my garage under a hap & numerous attempts by mechanics to get the old girl started Camy at CSK in Bellshill finally did it. After having the car for only half an hour he brought her back to life with the first turn of the key. Turned out to be ECU causing the problem. He gave her a full service, replaced the ECU & did a MOT on the old girl, now she purrs like a big cat again. I cant thank the Guru’s at CSK enough for their work & it was all thanks to this forum for putting me in touch with Camy in the first place. There are not many places I would trust to work on my car after all that has happened. But I highly recommend Camy at CSK in Bellshill, the guy definately knows his stuff when it comes to GTO’s & performance cars. Thanks again everybody for your help.



Good to hear your up and running again :sunglasses: now get out there and enjoy your car

Craig :slight_smile:

And bring it along to some events!! :slight_smile:

Grate news! Glad she’s back up and running :slight_smile:

Nice one Jim, another one up and running in Scotland. :wink:
Sorry couldn’t help with the ECU as I was on my way abroad when I got the message from Scoob.

Gorgeous car, it deserves to be driven! Enjoy her!

Welcome back, another one back on the road, Yay!!! :+1: :+1:

Terry :sunglasses:

its no problem jim glad I could help, thanks to scoob for having a spare ecu we could try and help sourcing one

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was glad to help out camy with sourcing the ecu for u jim .got a good one aswell :wink: camy knows his stuff and I help out when I can ,knew to check the ecu first port of call :wink:

Been a while since you have been on here Scoob :sunglasses: its changed a hell of a lot since then hasnt it nice to see you back posting

Craig :smile:

yea craig a bit too wild for my computer mind lol I found it hard enough to log on through facebook lol

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i struggle on other forums now tbh , im that used to this im always looking for the like button or auto update :sunglasses:

The l200 forum i use is so antiquated its unbelievable , anyway sorry for deviating off topic

Craig :smile:

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im better on the simple ones lol .still keep up to speed on fb tho with the gto guys and had a good chat with stevie at totb

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You will soon get the hang of the forum, everything forum will be going this way. People really should not be on the old style forums any more. You would not have non mobile/tablet compatible website , so why would you with a forum :slight_smile:

Good to see you on the forum :smile:


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its good the way it links to facebook ,ill need to show my mate this for our clan japan forum

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I must admit to having a look at the other side Gto/■■ & 3sgto a couple of days ago and that forum is so confusing you have no hope!
Spot the difference I :+1:

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Most people have come from those style forums so they are familiar with the way they work and people had to adapt to use the new style forum. If you start a fresh the old school forums are slower to navigate around and they don’t flow as well. You should not be zooming to use a site on a mobile.


I’m used to it,works fine for me!

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my club forum is the same but I don’t use my phone to browse forums that’s what my laptop is for lol .
im not that good with phones or computers ,id still prefer the old sony Walkman haha a phones for talking on this is when social media takes over our lifes and the ones in the know get to know everything about u ,big brothers watching every move :wink: