GTOUK At Knockhill North Of The Boarder


GTOUK in Sunny Scotland !


Hope you guys have a great day


The motors are looking lovely, hope the weather holds out for you, enjoy your day.



Hope you guys have a good day, its raining here at the moment, the clouds don’t look too friendly :flushed::flushed:

Terry :sunglasses:


Good stuff Spiros hope it went well.


Some more pictures image image image


Good day after all , Thanks to Jamie and Warren for coming along nice to chat about progressions on the cars - parts and future plans. Cheers Guys :+1:


Liking those metal door/carpet trim pieces where did they come from???


From a ( x ) member good few Years ago , very few of these left !


I need these :joy::joy:


You’re not getting them :grinning:


I have a pair of 3000gt ones surplus to requirements.
Any interest?


Sent u a p.m. Jerry