Gtouk newsletter?

As Tracy and I were last year’s Newsletter Team, we feel a response to the threads relating to this subject in the AGM Agenda topic is necessary.

Firstly, we would like to thank the few who contributed with articles in the summer last year, all of which were used to put together, what we consider was an excellent issue given the quantity of material to hand.

You are all probably wondering why then, you have not received the Newsletter. We also would like to know the answer to that question :?:

After spending two months of our NOT ‘spare’ time, editing photo’s and rewriting members articles, we received a phone call from a previous Newsletter Team member asking ‘who’ said that myself and Tracy were to do the Newsletter.

It soon became apparent that our election at the AGM had not been notified to this member. To make matters worse, we were then told that ALL the work we had done was of no use, due to the fact that the programme we did it in was not compatible for the software he used for printing the finished article.

Apparently, there was software/programme that the previous Newsletter Team used and we were unaware of this. This meant that all the work we put into this, was of little use.

I work in the design and manufacture industry and argued that the work we had done, could be used in a format which could be edited into his previous template.

In summary it was finally agreed with Pete Draper that we send over to him the work we had prepared and that he would finish off the issue. This we did in JUNE 2007 :roll:

At JAE we notified Simon and Brendan that we were standing down from the Newsletter Team, not only due to the above, but also because despite our requests, ONLY a handful of members contributed with articles.

So after being passed over some 7 months ago… Where is it?

Steve & Tracy

Yeah I’d love to see a newsletter too…I submited an article too…pity all your work was in vain guys

True, i spent a bit of time writing an article to help Steve and tracey out. I know they put a lot of their spare time into this.

At a time when i feel GTOUK needs a massive injection of new, willing and enthusiasic members to rid the underlying BITCHING so prevalent today, its a pity we are killing off the ones already instated who are willing to do a ‘bit’ for the club.


OK hands up it’s me, Steve and Tracy did send me the artwork and I was going to put it together using the layouts and designs we had last time. I’m afraid I just haven’t had time to do it, and just before Christmas Simon asked me to send the stuff back to Steve so that he could get it printed.

At around that time I noticed that Steve and Tracy had gone to Australia for a break and I was going to send the stuff when they returned. To be honest I had forgotten about it until reading this post so I will do something about it now.