GTOUK versus JAPMIDS ( F1 Karting )

Because we can now no longer do karting at Christmas I have asked JAPMIDS to get a team together to race us early in the new year, it will be a weekend daytime meet so as to allow anyone who has to travel any sort of a distance more time to get there & home again, we need 10 GTOUK drivers to race in pairs in a 1hr endurance race, Likewise JAPMIDS would need the same amount of drivers, cost would be £40 per driver & for this we would have exclusive use of the track for the one hour race. Lets see if we get enough volunteers first before I check into available dates.


im up for this :slight_smile: bit of a distance to go what town are we looking at??

Just south of Nottingham :smiley: (in the middleish of the country :wink: )

I’d be up for this but it would depend on the date.
(can’t make January or the first 2 weeks in Feb)

thats a shame Julian, i was looking forward to the karting b4 the xmas party!!! :frowning:

date depending i will come to this!!


Any more news on this Julian! Any ideas for dates yet and any interest from Japmids?