Been talking to a mate of mine who is a member of the Lancer-Evo club & happened to mention the karting some of us did in December at Formula 1 karting nr. Loughborough, he rekons they would kick our ass at the event :lol: That was it, I threw down the gauntlet & said we will see about that, :twisted: so question is, are any of you up for this, It would be as the December session, that is a mini endurance race of around one hour, we would need 10 drivers, that would be 5 teams of two & they would have the same, electronic scoring sorts out which team has won, we would then have to work out which club combined won, the availability is during April & May, Saturdays after 6.00 pm or on a Sunday, we could virtually pick our time, the cost would be £75 per team of two, that’s £37-50p per driver, anyone up for this, or do we let em call us chickens. Some idea of dates would be good & if April or May is convenient.
Date now set for May 20th 2007 14.00 hrs.
1 Julian ( Paid in full :smiley: )
2 Madluka ( Andy ) ( Paid in full :smiley: )
3 Madluka`s pal ( Paid in full :smiley: )
4 Homer ? ( Steve ) ( Paid in full :smiley: )
5 Paul 1028 ( Paul ) ( Paid in full :smiley: )
6 & Brother ( Paid in full :smiley: )
7 Miller ( Mike ) ( Paid in full :smiley: )
8 Stevie ( Steve ) ( Paid in full :smiley: )
9 AC ( Paid in full :smiley: )
10 Silverfox ( Dan ) ( Paid in full :smiley: )

Cheers Julian.

They should get whooped, they’re probably used to all those driver aids on their EVO’s they wouldn’t know what to do when things start stepping out.

As i came last at the christmas events session do you really want me to say yes ?:lol:
plus those ■■■■■■ kerbs…aarrrghhh


Yes !!

[quote]As i came last at the christmas events session do you really want me to say yes ?:lol:
plus those ■■■■■■ kerbs…aarrrghhh


think me and my pal would be up for this, do our partners have to be female? our lass is stilled bruised from the last time

I’d be up for this, depending on date. I doubt I can make any dates in April, but could probably make some of the weekends in May.


No I think teams will almost certainly be all male, wives/girlfriends are most welcome as long as we have a team of 10 but we do want to win, so we need Homer & Stevie for a start, I have no objection to ringers either, so long as only we know about it :twisted:


ps. Steve, I think May is going to be best, what dates do you have in May ?

quality!!! i am up for this!! dates depending tho!! my brother is interesed too ( he is used to go karts driving his clio v6 :twisted: )


Missed this post somehow

Me and AC will be up for this Julian. :slight_smile:


If its desperate to fill a space you can count me in :wink:


I thought this would fill up quickly, there is only one space left, but if anyone else wants to go, let me know cos when we pick a date it will invariably not suit everyone & there maybe a space or two going spare. As soon as Homer comes back to me with his weekends free in May, I will book with the venue.

Cheers Julian.

Ooh, squeak…

But for the expenditure and damage today Almo and I would have a pop!

Date has now been booked for Sunday the 20th May 2007 1400hrs, link to the event, I have to pay upfront a £300 deposit, so I will be asking for anyone who is a definite for the event from either club to pay a £10 goodwill deposit to secure their places, c/q made payable to Formula 1 Karting & posted to me at,
Julian Perry,
56, Daniel Crescent,
Notts. NG18 5NJ

PS Please include you user name.
Balance to be paid 14 days prior to the event

Cheers Julian

I will give you the deposit tomorrow :wink: or do i not pay until its known im needed as standby :wink:



You can pay & if others want to come in & you decide to stand down, you will get you £10 back, will ring you when i`m coming to yours tomorrow.

Cheers Julian.

We’ll have a natter at the Ace Cafe Jules & I will be up for it maybe, although Loughborough is a bit of a hike for us and Leicestershire donated 3 points on my licence, bless them!

Yes no probs Ian, Its a bit of a hike for myself & Mike down to the Ace cafe. but we are a coming !!

Cheers Julian.

I’m up for it, my brusied ribs have now recovered, I will less reckless this time! :twisted:

check in post,

could me and my brother be one team please?