GTOUK has a Constitution to withhold and one statute is that we have an AGM.

The club is run by a Committee voted by the members annually. Every year the Committee stand down and the newly voted Committee are voted in.

So come 4th May 2019 you have your say, put any ideas forward, discuss ways of improving the club and of course vote.

Positions up for election are:-

Events Organiser
Committee Member.

We have a room booked where all this takes place, but looking at attendees this could be a waste of funds.

This is not a car meet, the AGM lasts 1-2 hours all we ask is to take a little of your time to come along to see how GTOUK is run and get involved.

If you have any thoughts or ideas for GTOUK then this is the chance to have your say, otherwise we guess you are all happy with the current way it is being run and can all carry on as is.

If you can’t for whatever reason make the AGM, but would like to put an item on the Agenda for discussion and vote, please post it up, whatever it is, we are happy for any new ideas.