Hampshire Newbie


Just purchased as Gen2 N/A GTO. will sort out my full membership soon as want access to the wealth of information here in the forum.
Bring on the 2019 show season especially JapFest .


Hi Daniel and welcome to the club.
We love to see pics of the new cars :wink:
Full membership opens all the tech sections as you know, but also let’s you purchase club stand tickets at the car meets.
Here’s a link to events we are looking at for next year. We won’t be able to attend them all but the club events for 2019 will be picked from here.



Hello Daniel Welcome to GTOUK the place to be :+1:


Welcome to the club, don’t forget to find us on social media too see all we get up to :+1:



Welcome along bud and don’t forget the pictures.

If they saw what you get up to Dr. Dave they would shy away :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Terry :sunglasses:


Welcome Daniel.
I’m new myself, ALL here have been great and very welcoming. Once you’ve joined, you’ll see the ability to purchase the USB drive of information. I bought it and can safely safe it’s worth the money. There’s certainly been a lot of work put into create it.
Hope to see the pics of your ride soon.


Welcome Daniel
Good luck with your car and let’s see those photos.


WIll get some pics this weekend.

Just upgraded to full member and ordered the USB. let the fun begin



Welcome to the club. Where about in Hampshire I’m over towards Andover.



Hi James,
im over in Aldershot/Farnborough direction.


Welcome to the best club on the planet!!


Welcome along the path to ruin :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Post up pics of the car as we all like to see the car :grin:

Terry :sunglasses: