Happy Xmas Everybody

Just wanted to wish all folks in the club merry xmas and happy new year, not been in touch much at all its not been a good year for me, single again etc you know the story. But I wanted to say I am still here and still with gto, in fact I got it mot,d yesterday and went for a spin, first drive this year and 68 miles from last mot, it was brilliant using the car for just a few miles and getting thubms up along the way, a guy in a van was following me asking questions about my car, best driving fun all year,its now tucked up till the spring.
Anyway hope 2012 is a good for everybody, don,t know what its got for me, but have a great xmas, hope I get to next years events. incidentaly could only post on this topic, sure I paid my membership, please let me know cdmh.


Jerry SC

Hi Jerry,

Nice to see you are back around, hope to see you at an event next year. Happy Christmas to you and I hope 2012 will be a good year for you.


Hi Jerry

Good to see you back posting 8)

Just had a look through the membership forms i have here and i dont have one from you , thats more than likely why you are locked out of the sections . simon also keeps a list i believe so he will have record if you paid

Craig :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you Jerry. Glad the old gal is providing the buzz still - how could she not…!
All the best for Christmas, and I wish you all you wish yourself for 2012.


Craig I was sure I paid, I certainly meant to.
Anyway double success as my cassic Saab Turbo 16s passed mot today as well, maybe I will use them next year!!

Glad to see your still around matey!! and the beast is still going!! hope next year bring better luck for you bud

Hope you all had a good christmas and ate for england lol…just thought would get this in early…

:stuck_out_tongue: Happy New Year and hope 2012 is a good year for you :lol:

Sorry to hear about your problems this year matey, heres to a better 2012 for you.

Glad your back with the fold buddy, look forward to meeting up once again.