Has access to the forum changed?

Has something changed that I’ve missed only tonight I done a couple of computer rewrites and have logged on the forum and found unless logging in unable to see anything other then “ Future Events “ section… can’t even view the “ General Discussion “ or “ Lounge “…

Have also tried it on the computer I always use without my logging in and is the same… I always used to be able to view part of the forum without logging in ?? :?

Hi Alan, I dont know what access was like before but i just tried to get into the Lounge and genral discusions without loggin in and it did’nt work for me . I did manage to get in some of the other forums though. Looks like its the site set up and not your PC. Regards, Ken

Thank for your reply… :wink:

Seems like no one else knows the answer ??? :?

There are 4 levels of access (there are more but no need to go it to that much detail)

  1. Not logged in
  2. Registered but not a full member
  3. Full member
  4. Committee

Group 1 you can only read a few areas and can only post in website queries.

Group 2 can read and post in more areas while they are below 20 posts, then they get locked down like a group 1 user.

Group 3 has full access to most areas areas except committee section, and read only in announcements.

Group 4 has full access.

Hope that helps a little?