Hating rotary life, advice needed

Yeah the guys there are proper dodgy, looked at my 1st RX7 there and about 50% of the electrics worked and when I compression tested it, it was really low.

Told them and they didn’t even care.

On the plus side, I said I was looking at an RX7. They gave me the keys, said what floor it was on and left me to it. Even said if I tried starting it and the battery was flat to give them a shout and they would bring me the battery booster. Handed the keys back and they didnt hassle me at all and I had to tell them the reason why I wasn’t buying it.

Good place to decide if you want a type of car, terrible for buying a car (also the closest I can find to me)


Been a few for sale near me lately and found a MK1 hidden away near a bike shop…

Best time of year to get a bargain… nothing will shift between now and April for decent money… some will take low money on them especially if you find faults :thinking:
Good luck

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Yes l had a look at the red car at Motorhub,
to me it was typical of a car that had been in the UK but had probably not been undersealed on import so it was plenty of apparent rust under the rear of the car, did not see any holes as such and probably if the underneath was properly treated, that part of the car could be ok. The exterior paint etc looked good enough but l did not start it as it was not the car l was after.
l know what is said about them and l think you have to buy a car solely on what you see at the time and do as full an inspection as you can but realise that it is probably not perfect and do not expect too much back up after purchase if there are problems.
The cars l bought from them l am very happy with, the silver one had some holes by the seams in the floorpan to fix but otherwise has been good, the white one has been good from the start.
But they were highmilers and probably picked up by MH for not much.
That meant l could get them at what l thought was a good price for genuine mk4 cars and both have been on the club display at the Nec shows. I have no regrets.
MH have that massive list of Lambos, Ferraris, other supercars etc and 100s of others as well up to 500k or so, wonder how the customers do who buy them?

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Dunno why I just imagined you like this waving your hand “this is not the car I’m after “




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Sorry guys been busy lately and totally forgot to reply to this this thread.

Yeah the car at Motorhub was dog rough underneath, also a few dents about it here and there but like you said it wasnt the car i was looking for either :joy:

One positive thing though is that actually getting in one and looking around a GTO made me want one (also went to look at an S2000 that i wasnt letting you guys know about until now :laughing: and it was uninspiring)

Advertised the RX7 yesterday and some guy is having a look on Sunday. Once thats out of my hair and space made I will be joining you all over on the “dark side” of Mitsubishi.

When I finally get one will post it up for you all the admire/laugh at and become a paid member :metal:


Don’t worry we want laugh at any GTO you buy , we all started somewhere and some of the cars are years of works in progress , they are all our babies when we get them


My wife has an S2000 , it would definitely inspire you to carry a change of underwear :grin:


Looks an awesome S2000 :metal:

I come from the MX5 world and decided that I didnt need another convertible :laughing: and the cockpit of my MX5 seemed a little more comfortable (im a fat lad) than the S2000 as well.

Would also be too tempted to get the S2000 out on track where I will inevitably bin it and ruin my nice car of the 2! :sweat_smile: The GTO will be a car for blasting round welsh roads and being nice on a longish drive.

Am taking a trip to the Nurburgring and having a track day at Spa in the next couple of years and would like to take whatever GTO I end up buying (on sticky tyres). Depends how I get on with it on the road 1st but should hopefully be alright.


You have to pick your moments to use the S2000, but on the right day it’s a fun little car.
The Gto can be enjoyed any day and is a Brill long distance cruiser and a much nicer place to be in.
Also the S2000 doesn’t seem to need any maintenance, where’s the fun in that !!! :grinning:


You’ll have to video it and put it on the tube :wink:

Terry :sunglasses:

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Anyone know the differences between a 92 MK1 GTO import and a 97 (I think MK4) 3000GT UK car?

Pros/cons between the 2 would be ideal if anyone can help :yum:

Seriously can’t decide between the 2 and dropping the hammer early next week

Gen 1 import has electronc suspension active aero pop up headlights and 280bhp. Import isnt subject to cat laws / emissions the way a uk spec car is. Import is also in kmh

Gen 3 has forged crank and oil flow improvemnets different turbos and 320bhp. No active aero or electeonic suspension possibly not the 4 wheel steer but not sure on that

Gen 1 is the one that will become the collectors choice as it is rhe difinitive version even if the others have improvements over it in areas

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The 97 I’m looking at has active suspension and active aero apparently.

Here’s the eBay link to it: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F193138841022

Was there not some handling upgrades between the gens or am I getting my S2K and my GTO research mixed up?

That belt service and cluch is a big plus,

Looks like a clean car

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S2000 ap2 had suspension upgrade. circa 2003

Yep your right, my bad. Been a long day :man_facepalming:

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The belt and service are good points, ask them if the fuel has been changed as it’s sat for so long, I’m also weary when ads say “will come with full mot” - usually means my mate will do it and it’ll have no advisories or anything wrong at all instead of any issue found will be fixed


A UK 3000GT MK2 will have 4ws, ECS and active aero, leather interior as standard. The UK cars only supplied in 1 trim. The car looks tidy. However, I would want the registration plate details and then do an MOT history check to look for any rust issues. Rust is a big killer on these cars.