Hating rotary life, advice needed


Sorry to be like every other newb post but I am thinking about getting a GTO.

What’s the GTO TT like as an every day/daily drive car? After reading ALOT about these cars they were the pinnacle of 90s touring with power and grip to boot.

Currently have an RX7 FD that has a conveyer belt of faults (you fix one thing then something else brakes) I am losing patience with it and it needs to go. Ticked the box of power and style but has failed in every aspect of reliability.

As a result I have to drive my MX5 track car about as a daily and sold my Corrado VR6 (that was my daily) to fund RX7 repairs.

Budget would be 6-7K (that realistic?)

Pretty handy with a spanner but not the best with electrical faults.

GTOs look like they tick the boxes for me in what I want to drive about, don’t do many miles so MPG is no big concern. Desperately don’t want to get a diesel mondeo (or anything sensible) as of yet!




Hi and welcome to GTOUK

You can certainly pick a car up within that budget and as long as you do your homework get something that won’t need too much work

You have the choice of twin turbo manual cars or the non turbo N/a manual or auto variants , a solid n/a manual would be an ideal daily imo , the TT cars are a little higher maintenance but over the years it’s been seen the cars used regularly give less issues

There’s a very good buyers guide at the top of this section to peruse too




Hi and welcome to the club Callum.

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Welcome to the club mate!

I had an FB Year’s ago that was the same - every single time I drove it something new and exiting broke :joy:

Budget wise you’ll be able to find a pretty good t/t and will find a good n/a manual for a good chunk less

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Hi @callum2
Welcome to the group. I’ve got 92 mk1 tt and it’s my daily, yes it’s ok on fuel when you behave but then why have a tt not to have a bit of fun now and then :grin: anyway daily driving I finding is sweet just keep check on things fuilds and a little plus you get to know how she sounds so you’ll soon notice any changes also I get a good all round service once a year .
I can say every day it’s a pleasure to drive best purchase I’ve made love it​:+1::+1::+1:
And this bunch on here are awesome mad but awesome
Any prob or question they have you covered.


Welcome to the club , sorry to hear of your woes, I always thought I would own an rx8 at some stage but never happened, probably better off hearing your issues.
I agree with @CDMH that cars used more regularly give less problems and not just older cars.
You should get a nice car for that money, and if you find a well maintained example there’s no reason it couldn’t make a great daily.

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Welcome to GTOUK !

Hi welcome, I got my gto twin turbo at the start of the year, they are not too bad for maintenance.

I have done about 6k miles in this time, I have had to replace a few clips and a few hoses are getting on a bit, but mostly been trouble free.

I didnt do a great check over mine before I got it, was a bit excited and trusting and as a result I’ve had to replace the clutch and need to do the rear steering.

I have a 13 plate bmw 330d as a daily and before that I’ve had a few mx5s but I prefer the drive of the gto in every aspect but mpg, I have managed to achieve mid 20 on a regular basis and 30 with a long motorway drive.

Twin Turbo for a daily car - that will be expensive on fuel, about 90 quit per week (driving to work and back, shopping, weekend ride, school run)

Are you going ball5 out driving here @lukas :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: ?

Yeah, I’m back :joy:

Terry :sunglasses:


If you get a tt keep it off boost to get the mpg or search for a cheap place for super, never use 95ron

Cheers for the help guys!

Sounds just like a regular car then, look after it and it will look after you. Always keep my motors well maintained and serviced every 6 months at about 3000 miles.

Fuel wise my Corrado did 16 mpg so quotes of 20-30 mpg practically makes it a Prius :sweat_smile:

@UK_GTO_TT cheers for the heads up for running it on super. Always run my cars on either Texaco or BP 97 RON as the 99 RON from places like Shell has ethanol added to boost the figures.

I advanced the timing on my MX5 so it could run on high octane and the Apexi ECU in the RX7 also made it run better. Guessing GTOs can run it straight off? Heard that the need to faff around with the Mazdas was so that it was tuned to run on poor fuel in Japan.

Anywho, going to look at one on Saturday. Would be awesome to come to a club meet if I pop my Mitsubishi cherry


Hi Callum,

Welcome to the club and good luck in your search. Do you have a link to the car you are viewing as it may be known to the club and thus give you some history.


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If your in suffolk I would say feel free to have a look round mine to get an idea of what to look for and I’m sure a few other members who would say similar things if you wanted more knowledge before buying one


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:
You don’t need to have a gto to turn up to a meet just be a member and you can have a look at what overs have done to their cars give you some ideas for you :thinking:


@jason5 cheers for the offer man but i am based “up north” near Burnley Lancashire and would be a bit of a trek :laughing:.

@James3000GT got 3 lined up

One being sold by the dreaded Motorhub aka “Keighley Car Sales” they are dodgy guys but run a really relaxed forecourt so intended on looking at it to get a feel for what one is like (this Saturday):


One that looks to have a good service history, even though it dosnt do a lot of miles annually


One that I really want as I am a bit of a sucker for pop up headlights and prefer the styling of the (i think) MK1



Well I would rule the red one out I’m sure Jerry looked at that one , in fact didn’t he buy one from them and it was knackered ?

That’s alright and the silver mk1 has been for sale on facebook for a while as well, started of at 10k and down to 6.5k on there so that guy might take even less, looks like the ariel might be stuck up, I know mine wont go up, he also doesn’t mention about the cambelt which should be done around that mileage or every 5 years, but looks good.

Best of luck and hope to see you in one at some point soon

The black one is a members car - the one in Coventry Peter I think his name is.


Ain’t that the one for sale on Facebook page for £1500?