Have you lost Site access?

Today we have changed the access for members only after 1 April 2008

So if you have lost access it is one to the following reasons

You have not paid for Full Member Access for 2008/9

You did not return the membership form with a valid forumname,

this is normally when you haved change it on the forum and don’t change it on the form the year after

If anyone is having problems and has paid you need to pm me, and I will have a look in to them this week

you will need to include your fullname and membership number in the PM


This post may also help clear up any other questions you have

for example membership year

It you have lost or never received a renewal please sign up as a new member and write RENEWAL on the form and your membership number


had a few enquires

this may answer some other questions

GTOUK Full Membership Application Form

The membership year runs until 31st March 2006. Membership normally costs £30, but if joining after 1st September it is reduced to £20 for the remainder of the year. Please click here to apply for membership. Please do not forget to include your forum username so that the membership secretary can grant you access to the members only sections of the forum (if you have not registered in the forums yet, please do so here).[/quote]

[quote] Access to GTOUK Forums

If you do not wish to join the club, you can still use the forums on this web site, although you will only be able to post a maximum of 20 messages, and you will not get access to the technical sections. You can register here (full members should do this too) so that we can occasionally e-mail you with information about future events and important club announcements. If you do not register we will not be able to contact you and you may miss some important news. Please don’t worry about spam, your e-mail address will not be passed on to any third party, and we will only e-mail you very occasionally.[/quote]

Some membership packs were not sent out last year these will be sent between now and end may.