Helllo! Peeps

Just want to say a quick hello to all members on here! Just recently picked up my first gto a few weeks back and still getting to know the different uk communities. This forum seems the most active i’ve visited so far, so hopefully can learn a few things from everyone.

Bit about me, live in Cambridge and brought a 19992 mk1 gto in black. Its my first real performance car and i already know its going to be a money pit haha. Still haven’t driven it yet as its just got out the garage after a rwd steer delete and on the way back the alternator decided to pack up lol. Hopefully have first proper drive soon and see how underrated these cars are labelled.


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Welcome mate.
19992 yours is from the future!!! :grinning: :grin::joy:

Welcome along mate! I’m also from Cambridge so if you ever need a hand with anything give me a shout


Welcome Tom. Good to have you on the forum. Lots of advice in here if you need it.

Hi Tom Welcome to GTOUK :sunglasses:

We are quite an active forum and we are also very active on the club scene at meets . Our stand at JAE doesn’t go un noticed , we have flags , banners a marque and our own Dj as well as providing entertainment and heavily subsidised food and soft drinks for our members

Get some photos up when you get chance :grinning:


Craig :grinning:

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Welcome dude. You will need to get some pictures up or these lot wont leave you alone. Don’t forget to sign up for full membership too. There is a wealth of knowledge in the technical sections that is worth infinitely more than the cost to join.

Good luck with the repairs and hopefully you can get out for a good drive soon!

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Welcome along Tom. Nice to see another new member popping in and nice to hear praise for the forum from yourself :slight_smile:

As has been said… pictures pictures pictures :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Welcome mate great to have you on board…

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Welcome to GTOUK !

Welcome to the club Tom.

Welcome to the mad house mate

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Thanks for the warm welcome, Lol alrighty guys this is the only picture i have atm hopefully keeps you satisfied till i can take some more.

@GTOMNR, sweet where abouts you from in Cambs?


Welcome to the club, the people on here are a fantastic crew, you have certainly come to the right place :grin:

Terry :sunglasses:

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I am in cambridge as well
if you need help with anything gto related let me know

Been speaking to @intothedepths_jc about meeting up sometime tomorrow, if you Cambridge guys fancy it?

Wish but currently dont have a car and working anyway which is bit of a bummer, defo in the near future though.

Just trying to touch base with Cambridgeshire area members. So far met 2. At some point tomy I will just turn up at your house unexpected just like I did with Petarfam :slight_smile: Still trying to stalk GTOMNR though hence the Saturday suggestion


  • John

Hi Tom , welcome to the club …as I’ve only recently join myself and all I can say is its been great being here . Maybe one day i can visit you guys too as my wife love visiting the lovely place of cambridge .


Hi welcome to club.
Great to see more members join.

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