Hello! Advice needed for more power

Hi all, I’m new to the forums just wanted to say hello and some of you may of seen my gto on jdm modifiers stand at Modified Nationals. My Instagram for anyone that uses Instagram is Kuro_mps

I’m after some advice, I’m looking to get more power out of my mk1 twin turbo gto without having to go with bigger turbo’s…what mods do I need to reach a higher power output safely? And what bhp should I expect to see with these mods? I’ve already got a full custom turbo back exhaust, bov and pod filter. Thanks in advance!


Hi Nathan, welcome to the forum, a place for the new owners to introduce themselves, a bit of background information, where you’re from etc and to put up pictures of your car for the other members to admire.

Car looks nice, don’t know too much about squeezing a bit more power out, probs a boost controller, fmic, and other stuff. Others might be able to help.


Terry :sunglasses:


Hi Nathan,

Welcome to the club - I’m sure I’ve seen that car before- looks good. Where about in the country are you? If you do like going to meets and stuff the club will be at Japfest on the the 5th May. Also the day before we have our club AGM where you can learn more about the club and meet members etc… All the information regarding power upgrades and how people do it has been covered by various build threads. To access all this you would need to sign up as a full member. Cost £20 a year and is well worth it.




I’m based in Bolton but originally from Warrington so sometimes I’m around there. I’m already on stand at Japfest with Static Revolution so I’m sure I’ll see you all there!

Welcome to GTOUK !

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Thanks dude!

Welcome to the club Nathan.
There are loads of posts on power upgrades in the technical sections opened up with full membership.
Boost controller with supporting mods will get you only so far, after that you will need to upgrade ecu and much more. Safety first with any upgrades and log the car though bud.
I was at mod nationals and did get a quick look at your car. It looks nice mate.

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Thanks buddy! I’ll get a full membership ASAP then! I think I clocked you as you was walking away from my car actually! Did you have the forum logo on the back of your shirt?


@jensen360 would have looked like a grey haired lost child looking for his parents, might have had his teddy in his hand too :joy:

Car looks tidy welcome to gtouk :+1:


Yes mate, that would have been me.

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Had lils handbag over my shoulder.
She just walked off with the kids muttering ffs as I said I was popping over to look at the car :rofl::rofl:


Thanks buddy and haha brilliant :joy::joy:

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Your car was at modified nationals ? I only seen a white one on the friday !

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Yeah man, I was only there on Sunday though

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