Hello! After a decent garage in the West Midlands?

Hi, I’m a fairly new 3000GT owner which has just had it’s MOT. Anyway, it got through pretty good apart from a rear power steering pipe leak. Common problem I’ve heard. I’m not sure where the leak is exactly cos I haven’t looked but the garage I took it to said they’d struggle to get parts for it and might have to have a custom part fabricated!! Does anyone know of a decent garage in the Midlands I can take it to or is it something I could tackle myself. Any help would be really appreciated.

Rob at the Evil Empire sells most if not all of the power steering pipes you would need so availability isn’t a problem .

Where abouts in the midlands are you ?

Ive used CMS in Redditch for my GTO and my L200, honest genuine guy

Craig :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the club.
:slight_smile: like Craig says parts arnt too much of a problem through EE