Hello again guys....I've got a new toy!

Hi Guys,
I was a member here with my Mk 1 couple of years ago but guess what? I bought Martin Krupniks GTO last week so I thought I would reintroduce myself and the car…and what a beauty she is!!
Be on the road tomorrow for a while until the weather changes, then a layup and a waxoyl during the winter months, ready for spring time.

I’m well chuffed!!!
The Mark 1 will be going up for sale…no MoT but new brakes and bodywork and underneath is sound, so if anyone in Scotland is interested…



Welcome back :sunglasses:

Lovely looking motor you have now , really stands out


Craig :grinning:

Nice buy! Welcome to the club!

Hi Bill nice looking car :+1: Another brick in the …Scottish Empire :grin:

Welcome back mate…once bitten it’s in your system.:ok_hand:

nice 1 bill hope to see it at a few shows this year and hopefully some of the other Scottish boys :wink:

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Great car seen it in the flesh many times and it always looked great.

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