Hello All! Stateside GTO owner

Hi yall! i purchased and imported a 1993 GTO into the United States about 4 years ago.

I love the way my car looks but im not too happy working on it. It has been teaching me valuable life lessons like finding dropped bolts and tools in the engine bay. In fact im super good at that now! Finding parts for it hasnt been easy. which is why i joined yall here!

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Hi David,

The parts on the GTO TT will mostly be the same as the American 3000GT VR4 there are only a few subtle changes.


The ones I need are not. The USDM market runs differently is tuned differently and uses different refrigerant. JDM parts work in UDSM cars somewhat. USDM VR4 were all premium cars where my GTO TT is a base model.

The part im looking for is a 91-93 R134 compressor I can only get R12 compressors here and while the compressor should work fine with a different refrigerant in it. The amount of work to change it and find out IF it would work electronically is more than im willing to gamble. The climate controls are different, or at least the way the ECU talks to the climate controls is different. The 94+ UDSM R134 models mount to the block different. now Im not sure but if i change the AC mounting bracket over to the 94 style i might could use the 94+ model.