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Hi folks,

Just a quick intro to say hello. I’m currently looking at buying a 91 Mitsubishi GTO auto. It appears to be very tidy and i was just wondering if it perhaps belonged to a member on here. Hopefully the attached link to the car works. I would appreciate any feedback based on your experience on knowledge of the car.


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Welcome, I love to see the value of our cars increasing, about time but I feel it’s a lot of money for a N/A.

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As it a mark 1 pop up lights is not a 1998, but pre 1994.

Guess it was import in 1998

Google different models, for a n/a I think thats very expensive


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Hi and welcome

The guys above have pretty much nailed it with the valuation , it would have to be near showroom condition to attract that price tbh



Thank you for the quick replys, i do agree it is expensive for what it is. It would be great to know if anyone has any knowledge of the car.


Welcome to GTOUK , 91 car 5 former keepers and 57,300 miles ?

Hi Craig,

Welcome to the club, for an auto you’re looking to pay 4K tops for a very good condition one, n/a manual topping out about 5k and up to 10kish for a very good t/t.

The bhp figure in that add is wrong too - n/a were around 235bhp and 50 more for standard t/t cars.

Hope you find a good one pal.

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Also that add goes into a lot of misleading detail on rust/ corrosion where it shouldn’t,

They all rust and corrode given the chance - it literally depends on how hard a life it’s had/storage conditions even where in the world it has been - always check the underside for common rust/rot spots - areas behind both front wheels and in front of both back wheels can give you the most issues if they need welding.


Top advice there for corrosion :+1: also check around the drains under the boot floor , these rot through terribly if the drains have become blocked , it sits in the wells of the boot floor

The old joke was 3000gt models rusted worse than the GTO counterpart and all owners needed to sweep up after themselves , this was mainly due to the fact they were UK cars from new, most GTO have been in the country years and years now so have the same issues .

Don’t though let the fear of rust put you off , all cars do it , look how many mk3 escorts and the like back in the day were rotten after a few years


Brilliant advice from my Forum colleagues. Yes, based on current market prices for these cars, it’s on for too much, I’m afraid. As an NA owner myself I would have been pretty pleased if that price was realistic, but sadly not.
Dec '91 car, makes sense. It’s a Mk1, and has those very alluring pop-up headlamps. Stated power is way above the factory figure of 225hp though, despite the upgraded exhaust system. The car looks great in the ad, and the recorded mileage seems to tally nicely with the MOTs going back to 2007. Interesting it’s currently SORN’d, and last MOT was August '19.
Nothing overly major on any of the MOT failures, mainly things like track rod end boot covers, rack gaitors etc, plus the exhaust system came up on quite a few occasions. One year gap in 2014, and yet two MOTs in 2015, one in Feb and the other in Sept for some reason.
It looks a good car, but if you were seriously interested in it Craig, I’d put an offer in once I’d taken a test drive and checked the auto box thoroughly. Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder of course. It is a looker, no doubt about that, but that Bexhill garage are expecting way too much for it.
Good luck with your decision fella,



Hi Craig
I have a lovely 91 mk1 tt for sale, lots spent ( 20k or so) lots of paperwork and some good upgrades, eg 6 speed box, leather interior, bigger turbos, etc etc
Not so much more than you are thinking about on the N/A you flagged up.
Here are a few photos and get back to me if you want to know more.
Good luck in your quest.



Lovely looking motor that is Jerry , would have been imported by dc imports too . Like that a lot :sunglasses:

Its one I picked up a good while ago, from a private owner.
Very clean, here is the paperwork file. Who are DC imports?


Old import firm , that’s one of their batches of registrations KDB , My old GTO was one of theirs as was John Carter’s

Hi Craig, it’s a great looking motor but too expensive. If your even considering spending that kinda cash why not buy the tt in high wycombe if its still available, although it would need to be in excellent order to command that price.

Wow this is beautiful Jerry

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I knew I had seen it somewhere :sunglasses:

Again it’s a Stunning car though Jerry

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Where was that? It is a rather stunning car as well, the leather interior is really good, a copy of original cloth two tone grey.

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Its available !!!

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